If you are trainer in any area, please click the register button and update your details. You will also have to take our TCT© before your profile is updated in our portal. Our Operations team will get in touch with you to collect more details and shall help you in getting listed in the portal.
At T4Trainer.com, we ensure that each Trainer profile is listed only after a thorough background verification process which includes the following:
  • Educational Qualification verification
  • Client Testimonials Verification
  • Proofs of Previous Trainings conducted – photographs, videos etc.
Trainers who do not possess requisite expertise or experience or submit necessary proofs will be either given only a temporary profile or rejected.
So, as a Client, you can be sure that you are hiring the Right Trainer.
We have developed a unique psychometric assessment tool named TCT©, which identifies the three major qualities of an effective trainer – Training skills, Presentation Skills and Leaner centered approach. The Trainers are scored based on this and are rated based on norms of a similar group of trainers. The test is a basic test for all types of trainers, whether Technical / Non technical, Management or other skill trainers.
A Client can run through the various profiles and shortlist the profiles suitable to them. The profiles are added to the handshakes corner and then a confirmation message along with the contact details of the client is sent to our dedicated Training consultant team. The clients then get a follow up call confirming the selection, after which the trainer is contacted to confirm the date as well as the remuneration. Once the training is confirmed, the payment for the training is collected into our account and will be released to the trainer post the completion of the training.
We work on a simple payment terms as the following:
  • 10 percent of the Trainer Fee on Featured trainers profile listing
  • 25 percent of the Trainer Fee on Trainers with basic profile listing
The fees would be deducted from the Trainer’s fees before transferring to the trainer. Client do not get any additional charges . The above rates are for hiring of single trainers and independent programs. Incase you need our specialized Training Design and Delivery services, please contact us on info@4tunefactory.in and our expert Training Consultants will contact you for a customized training package.
Sometimes, as a client, you may feel a bit confused about choosing the right trainer. Don’t worry, our dedicated Training consultants will help you in selecting the best ones. Just give us a call or send an email to info@4tunefactory.in with your contact details and we shall get in touch with you at the earliest.